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Round Robin Auto Assign to Inactive users

Gemma Morrison

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we have set our Business process to auto assign our users on the round robin. However, when the user logs out they are still showing as inactive and not 'offline'.

Is there something we are doing wrong as they should be showing offline in order for them to not receive job requests.

I have attached our automated task for the round robin which I believe is correct.

2018-08-08 15_29_59-Administration _ Facilities - Service Request - General (Draft).png

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Hi @Gemma Morrison,

I think the issue here might be additional tabs/sessions left open by the analyst when they 'log out' of Hornbill. If you open up the Admin Tool and check the active sessions, you'll be able to see if an analyst is still logged in, even if they think they have logged out.

Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 16.33.58.png

This would explain why they are showing as inactive and not offline because once an idle session hits the instance limit (definable in the settings), that session will be set to inactive.

Screen Shot 2018-08-08 at 16.22.06.png




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Can you elaborate a bit more about monitor sessions? I've checked and there are multiple of the same users showing? Would that based on how many tabs he have open with or open in each different browser?



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@Aaron Summers apologies for the late reply.


You can open multiple tabs on the same browser and that will count as one session. If you had both firefox and chrome accessing Hornbill at the same time, that would be 2 different sessions. 

In our experience, what we've found is because many analysts open a new tab per request, they can sometimes forget to close down every single tab at the end of the day, hence the reason the session then turns to inactive (after the idle timeout period is reached).



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