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I recently clicked on the "design" button on the details section of a change. There are now a lot of Change questions. Which is great. They are closely aligned with what we ask for a change (as you'd expect) and I'd like to make use of them as we are redesigning our change Pro Cap and Bus Pros. My question is, what is the best way?

I note that they are all stored in a different table from the main request. Which as far as I remember, means they can't directly be populated through a custom form in a Pro Cap. I've noticed there is a "Change Details" node available. But what about the rest?

Are we to inject these into the relevant fields in the business process? Is the preferred method to use an activity? Are these possible given they are in a related details table? Have I missed something key?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance.



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These properties can then be accessed via BPM through the request details, as shown in this other screenshot (in the screenshot I am populating a custom property with the new values, but you can use them anywhere you need of course)

Hope it helps



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@Victor I'd just like to know the intended use of these fields. We are re-designing our Change processes and I want to avoid re-inventing the wheel or creating a convoluted method if I am missing something simple

Thanks @ArmandoDM. This will help. I was unaware that you could use the extended details tables in that way in the ProCap. Is it worth updating https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php/Mapping_Fields_from_Customised_Forms to reflect that?


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Hi @ArmandoDM ,

Thanks. I couldn't find anything anywhere in the wiki using the search term "Change details" or the table name (h_itsm_changerequests), except for the main table page.

Please could any (update to the) documentation include how to use the extended table custom fields? I've just tried by using a field ID of h_itsm_changerequests.h_custom_p, but it doesn't like the full stop in that.



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@chrisnutt if you just use h_custom_p this is all that should be needed for the mapping.

I have updated the wiki page with the additional fields which you should be able to map to and their names / values you need to use in your PC field id's



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