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New Update: Hornbill Service Manager (1288)

Harry Hornbill

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Hello Everyone

The latest build of Hornbill Service Manager (1288) has been released to live.

Change Log for this release are as follows:


  • As a Service Owner I don't want my requests visible to teams that don't support my service in the global search results list. This can be enabled/disabled using webapp.view.ITSM.serviceDesk.requests.limitSearchToVisible setting. Please note, a full reindex of the HornbillITSM index is required to ensure all requests that you have visibility of are returned. {CH00135338}
  • Provide the ability to select any site on the Request form irrespective of if the site is linked to a customer's company. This can be enabled using app.request.update.site.showAllSites setting {CH00149756}
  • Additional BPM Operations for automatically raising requests - Problem, KE, Change, Release {CH00149712}
  • New setting for email content to be included or excluded in request timeline entries. This can be enabled using app.request.update.includeEmailDetailsInTimeline {CH00151411}
  • Capture name of person who created and published an FAQ {CH00151427}


  • You cannot paste images into the details of a FAQ in Chrome {PM00151049}
  • The "me too" button does not acknowledge a user as a connection if your connection type is anything other than "Impacted" {PM00151716}
  • Cannot pick a Category when resolving a Request if it is on-hold {PM00151698}
  • Cannot print public timeline entries when printing a Request if you cannot post as public {PM00151790}
  • Request does not show customer feedback when its automatically closed without refreshing page {PM00151116}
  • Setting to disable leaving a comment when cancelling a Request is not adhered to {PM00151828}
  • Issue with multi-line field display on asset details forms {PM00150561}
  • Inconsistency with presenting labels in Questions section of a Request {PM00151209}
  • Sub-status for a Change is not shown {PM00151927}
  • SLA rules configured for a corporate SLA within a service incorrectly appear within the corporate rules SL list {PM00151168}
  • Product ID not displayed correctly in the asset list {PM00151913}
  • Using quick search to find a request will error when the request id is invalid for system admins {PM00151985}
  • Request details Document section briefly appears then disappears when linking a request {PM00151994}
  • Request list unread colour is not updated if customer responds to request via portals {PM00151999}
  • Unable to clear an assets company {PM00152152}
  • List of pre-selected authorisers not populated when set via BPM's Suspend for Authorisers {PM00152124}
  • Assigning a Request on request details not limited to teams supporting request service {PM00152095}
  • When a team has sub teams, you can not toggle assignment for the team's members {PM00152076}
  • Improved the overall performance for the Portal and Knowledge search {PM00151825}
  • Counters on the Request List would sometimes show a blank value {PM00152050}
  • Bullet points aren't display in the Progressive Capture {PM00152257}
  • Deselecting select type question value in prog capture causes no question answers to be saved when request logged {PM00151119}
  • Users having Collaboration Role are unable to action on tasks linked to a request
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