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Using Board Manager


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Hi, we've installed this app but I can't seem to find any examples or guidance on how to create boards and what can be done with them.  The 'Designing Boards' bit on the Wiki doesn't have anything in it??


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Hi @SJEaton

At the moment I use a board as kind of a reminder / to do board for new SM builds / amendments:


Another team has a lane for each team member which contains tasks and other HR type stuff like 1-2-1s and upcoming courses etc. 

The service desk use one with lanes for P1s and P2s as well as BAU tasks. 

I guess it depends on what you want the board for. 

I found it best to just create a board, hit the Design button and have a play around with it for a while. Doesn't take long to get your head round it all. 

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