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If Owners have access to more than one mailbox, when they send emails or snippets from a request, they sometimes end up sending it from the wrong mailbox that is relevant for that particular request email address (ie they don't realise they have to select the right one)

I can obviously keep reminding them they may have to select the relevant mailbox before sending emails/snippets from requests but I was wondering if there s a way that a default mailbox can be set for the different catalogue items so owners don't need to worry about this?


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@SJEaton as Dan suggests there is an option at the Service not CI level.

If you go into edit mode on the service details you can set a default mailbox


This will then set this mailbox for any emails which are manually sent from the requests logged against that service.

If an agent has access to more than one mailbox, they will still have the manual option to change the mailbox 

Hope this helps



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