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Summary Report for Incident, Problem & Change


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Hi all,

Before I spend hours potentially reinventing the wheel, does anyone have a monthly overview/summary report showing some of the below in one report that they can share?

  • No. Incidents Logged
  • No. P1/P2 Incidents Logged
  • No. Incidents Resolved
  • No. Service Requests Logged
  • No. Service Requests Resolved
  • % Within SLA (Inc & SR)
  • No. Changes Logged
  • No. Changes Closed
  • No. Problems Logged
  • No. Problems Resolved

Thanks in advance

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@dwalby - if you need monthly numbers my advice would be to use measures...

So, for logged and resolved requests (incidents, service requests, changes and problems):


* for Logged: have separate measures for each request type and change the "Query where clause" to match each request type
* for Resolved: in addition to the above, change "Date Ranging Column" to Date Resolved (h_dateresolved)
* for P1/P2 incidents logged: in the "Query where clause" add this: AND h_fk_priorityname IN ('P1', 'P2')


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