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Unable to amend the Update/Post/Call note in an incident


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I've searched around, but I've been unable to find an answer to a question a colleague has asked regarding the ability to amend an update in an incident:


I get the following options:


This would be required in the event that an Update is in error i.e we've later found out that the information in the Update isn't correct, so we go back and amend it

Kind regards,


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@mojahidm the controls allow for posts and comments to be edited and deleted by their author, until such time as another user has liked or commented further.


In terms of request timelines, you have a system setting which you can configure to decide which update types you would like to allow this functionality on - it is off on all by default


With the allowed settings chosen you should then see the following option


Again the edit post / comment will only apply for the author, and only until it is liked or commented on my another user.   

I believe the Super User role also allows for the editing of another users post, but again only until it has been liked or commented upon

Hope that helps



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Hi @Steven Boardman,

We have configured the above setting too, to enable our analysts to amend timeline updates if need be.

I have logged off, logged back in and refreshed the page but am unable to see the "edit post" option still. Only "update" is ticked in that setting.

Do you know why the option to edit post still isn't appearing? Also, can you confirm if there is any way that this permission can be limited to a handful of users, rather than available for all analysts?


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Hi @Lauren i can replicate this, and have asked the team to take a look.

The feature is global rather than user specific, but it only allows the user who posted the ability to edit their own posts (updates) and only if an other user has not added a comment and if the update has not been liked.

We'll update shortly on why this is not working for you

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Hi @Lauren,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. This will be rectified in the today's Service Manager build, which will be made available shortly!



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