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Progressive Capture to update/close requests


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I find myself often wishing that I could launch a progressive capture to update a request - perhaps tied to an activity - to ensure that we get good answers to questions that we may have in the middle or end of a request.

Is this possible? Or something similar?

An example would be that at the end of a change we complete a Post Implementation Review (PIR). In our current process, this is completed through 5 concurrent activities. This works, after a fashion, but can be hard to report on (see linked thread below). It would be extremely useful if we could just have a PIR activity that launches a progressive capture which in turn updates custom fields. This would make the PIR process much more streamlined and most importantly so very easy to report on. Other examples where this might be useful are project issues (like the ones I'm trying to report on in the below thread) and Major Incident reviews.




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Hi @chrisnutt

We have recently introduced custom fields for tasks in the BPM

Now you can add custom questions to a task and or add custom fields to specific task outcomes 


This will allow you to capture what you need on any task in a controlled manor, using mandatory questions, drop downs, pick lists etc.


Once you have the custom questions enabled you can use request > Update Request > custom fields option with the variable picker to inject the custom questions on the tasks into the custom fields of the request 


Just ensure this system setting is enabled and you can start using them (admin console > system > settings)


Hope that helps


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@chrisnutt you can see two examples of this in our sandbox 


user: grahamc

password: H0rnbill (currently)

In the business processes look for:

New Head Count Custom Fields > Stage Onboarding and the Update Starter Details task - these questions are at the task level, and are then in the following node written to custom fields on the request

Alternatively in the:

Desktop Incidents process > Stage Resolution and the Resolve Issue task, you will see custom fields linked to the  Pass To Supplier outcome - in this example we are prompting for a time to follow up with the supplier (date / time control).  This date and time custom answer is then used in the Place On Hold node, to put the request on hold, until the time answered in this question.

Hope this helps



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