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Document Manager Permissions/Role

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I am trying to establish the permission setup in Document Manager. Looking  in the roles there is 'Docmanager Admin', but the description appears to relate more to a User level role, rather than an 'Admin' level role.


Is it just the name convention that all users of Document Manager will need Docmanager Admin role in order to create and update document/libaries, or is this actually an 'Admin' level role that also give further administrator/super user permissions within the  Document Manager Application?

The reason for asking this is I have users trying to create documents and they are getting the error below.


Before I start down the road of creating a custom role, I just wanted to confirm the context of the standard built in role.



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Hi @Martyn Houghton

Docmanager Admin is an admin level role allowing you to change ownership of documents and libraries (primarily for use when people leave the company)

The other roles for accessing docmanager start with MyLibrary (this is was an old name for docmanager so is a legacy of that):

  • MyLibrary User - The default role for user access to docmanager
  • MyLibrary Portal - The default role for guest and basic access to docmanager
  • MyLibrary Manager - This will allow you to create and manage libraries and tags as well as the default access to documents

Sorry for the confusion



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