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Problem with screen layout when investigating 'stuck' BPM

Guest Paul Alexander

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Guest Paul Alexander


I'm trying to see why a BPM has failed, so I've used the BPM debugging tool (by getting the BPM ID from database direct and opening the BPM instance) and am trying to see where the problem is.

I can get in to the BPM instance, and see which stage the problem is in, which is ok. However, when I try to make a change to try and get things moving again I get the error that there are nodes on this stage which aren't set up correctly so saving can't happen. 

When I investigate a little further, the incorrectly setup nodes are in a different place to where the problem is, and the formatting is all over the place. There is a node in the original BPM which is a Manual Activity, but is showing as a Decision Node in the instance, and it says that this Decision Node requires at least one incoming connection to work properly (which I understand, but as this isn't actually a Decision Node in reality, it doesn't make any sense!)

Here's the 'original' part of the BPM:




And here's what it looks like in the 'instance' which is broken:




As you can see it's showing errors all over the place....none of which have any bearing on the actual reason why the BPM isn't working (which is a problem earlier in the process).


Any ideas why this is showing like this please?




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@Victor i need original bpm process def and a copy of the BPM instance record. Can you liase with @Paul Alexander to get these as part of a raised support request. 

My initial thought is that the errored instance is a different version to current published version of process (which is used to sync nodes & properties) and as such might be causing error (probably worth checking browsers developer console while your investigating/replicating the issue). If unhandled error is occuring the rendering of nodes has most likely aborted and as such see all the errors.


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