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Capture standard Service Manager On-Hold event in BPM


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Is there a way to capture the standard On-Hold event for a service ticket in Service Manager within the BPM and retrieve the associated date, time and reason text to save within custom fields for recording purposes?

Thank you.


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@ShalilK thanks for the question

Just to be clear here, are you asking if a request is placed on hold through the BPM, you want to capture the date and time it occurred, and reason in a custom field?  

Is this because it is not shown in the timeline like when you manually place a request on hold - as below?


If that is the case, i can enquire to see if we can have these added to the request timeline like a manual on hold action? 



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Steve, the request is placed on hold via the Pause button manually rather than through the BPM (as per screen shot).  So, I need is to capture the date, time and the reason when 'Pause' button is clicked.  The details appear in the timeline.  However, I need to capture the details for Audit purposes why a request was put on hold and for how long.  The standard reporting on the Request does not include any related fields to retrieve this information.  My thoughts were to trap the manual Pause event in the BPM and retrieve and store the information in custom fields which I can get to in the Request reporting table.   

I hope this makes sense.


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Thanks that make sense.

I am not sure there is an option to update the custom fields with the manual on-hold info, however you do have options to report on the info as it is already on the request timeline. 

There are also options to filter and print only the Hold info, which i will provide some info on below.

Request List Filters

Use the Hold option in the Filter, to only return the Hold actions on the request (As shown below)


Print the Request with Hold only Update

In the action bar, use the Print option and choose to edit the Timeline options and only include the Hold options (as shown below)


When you print the report for the request it will show the details chosen and only the Hold timeline entries with the following info (as shown below)

* Who performed the action

* When it was Performed

* The Status Change

* The Reason



Reporting on Request Hold Actions

You can in the admin console > reports create a report on the requests and output the Hold actions from the timeline of each request (as shown below)

You can achieve this by joining the h_itsm_requests table with the h_buzz_activities table joining on the actibity stream ID column in the request table, with the Target ID in the buzz activities table and then filtering the results down on the type of activity column = Hold and then group by Request ID



I have attached a sample report definition which you can upload and look at


Finally the h_itsm_requests table also has a column for total time on hold, so this will also return a value for each request which shows how long the request was on hold for in total

I hope some of this is helpful



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