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Bespoke Call Assignment Problems

Josh Bridgens

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Morning all,

This will be a long one

Within Supportworks we originally had Service Desk members logging calls directly to 3rd line/Field engineers etc, which the teams obviously didn't want.

When we moved over to Service Manager we agreed with all teams that calls would ONLY go through first line, thus making us able to lock down call assignment in the first instance to "log to 1st line, log to request owner"



As we have some admin users within IT who will HAVE to log calls (the branches at the top) I added those in as individuals.

The problem is, I am now being asked if call logging can be opened up to the rest of the teams, that will push the call straight to 1st line.

This obviously causes the problem of, unless I add everyone as individuals then the process will continue to break every time anyone other than first line logs the call.

I hope someone understands my predicament, and can help.

Thanks in advance.






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@Josh Bridgens - hmm... I am not sure if there is an issue here actually (but perhaps I did not understand how you work) ... so... you can have anyone log a call/raise a request. And you can restrict to whom the call/request get assigned to via the business process. I assume you removed/don't have the "Assignment" form in the progressive capture as the business process will take care of this... 

Are you actually referring to who will be the call owner/request owner rather than who logs the call/raises the request? Meaning that until now, only 1st line woudl be call/request owners but now you would like users from other teams to be call/request owners?

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6 minutes ago, Victor said:

I assume you removed/don't have the "Assignment" form in the progressive capture as the business process will take care of this..


We are happy for calls to be assigned to other teams, however we would have preferred other teams NOT have the ability to LOG the calls.

This is proving difficult to maintain, therefore we have decided to change the way we work.


We need calls to assign automatically to first line, regardless of the team. ideally on a round robin basis. However, if it is a 1st line user, it must assign to the creator.


I hope that makes sense.......




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So after the call is logged you just need the first node (or one of the first nodes) to be 'Assign to First Line' and all requests logged via that BPM will be automatically assigned to the First Line team (which is how all of our incident requests are assigned)


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24 minutes ago, Dan Munns said:

Decision: Is team 'First Line'

Sorry, you can't use Team (been a while since I created that BPM), we have if job title contains 'First Line Analyst' > Assign: Call creator. 

You can use cost centre as well so if your Service Desk / First Line Support team are all in one cost centre you can use that.

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