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LDAP Import Issues

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Hi all,
I've been setting up the centralised LDAP import (we have so far been using JSON files) however I've now got an error which says "unable to run import, a previous import is still running" and also when I try to access the data import configuration from the Admin panel, its stuck on "Loading Configuration".  Please can someone help with this?



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@Michael Sharp

The import on running sets a flag server side that will be reset once the import has completed. If for whatever reason the import fails the flag will remain in running and any subsequent import will say running.  To resolve this you can force the execution by setting the option forcerun = true on the command line 

For further information see  https://github.com/hornbill/goLDAPUserImport/blob/master/README.md#execute

Once completed (and flag reset) you should be able to run it again as normal


We hope this resolves your query. 





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