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PCF - Decision not working


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Help as this should be obvious :)

I have the following Custom Form and decision however when I log a ticket it doesn't respond to the tick box and always go to the assignment form.





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Hi Kelvin,

Sorry if I have overlooked it but on your custom expression are you comparing the Yes with the 'Value' or 'Display'?  I know that you have them both set to Yes but it may be that the behaviour is slightly different.  I'm assuming that the value is being used.  I'm sure that this isn't the issue but maybe worth a quick test while we wait for further feedback... in your condition does it make any difference if you use all lower case for "yes''? 



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Guest Paul Alexander



I'm sure you've tried all this anyway, but does changing the condition from '=' to 'contains' make any difference? 

Or double check that you haven't put a trailing space after the Yes in the list item?

These little niggles are frustrating eh?


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