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New Service Level Agreement response date issue

Rohit Govind

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I've setup a new Service Level Agreement and assigned it to a service but when I change the SLA but only the resolution target changes and not response.

Is there an additional configuration required to get this to work for both resolution and response?



See screen shot below.

SLA configuration



Changed SLA but but no response date visible



Different service showing not using SLA


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Hi Martyn,


Thanks for your response. The SLA's were being driven a rule based on priority that will set after the start/response timer node.

We've added a default rule on the SLA and the response is now visible however, when we change the priority the SLA doesn't change.  Is there a way this can change in the workflow.



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@Rohit Govind

At the moment the rules only apply when starting the timers. Changing anything that the rules are based on after this point will not trigger the change in the SLM. I believe there are plans to have this as an option but is not available yet.

As I understand it the only way to alter the Service Level after the initial point is currently via the user application itself.

We get around this in our workflow by setting the priority to the one the customer has requested when the request is logged, then have a manual activity in our validation stage where the analyst then corrects the Service Level if the incorrect priority has been selected. This will then recalculate both the Response and Resolution timers which have already been started.



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Hi @Rohit Govind

@Martyn Houghton has expertly covered the current situation and I hope that has helped. 

I just wanted to follow up that as suggested, we are currently working on a change to provide a change of Service Level when rule criteria changes so keep an eye out for this in future updates.

Kind Regards,


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