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Basic user session timeout


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We've had a couple of users complaining recently that they spent a long time typing out a request only for the session to timeout and they lose everything entered.

We've got the basic user session timeout set to 15 minutes, which for the most part we think is a reasonable amount of time to raise a request, so don't really want to change this. I presume increasing it may have an adverse affect on system performance?

My question is, rather than the message that says the session has timed out with the option to re-authenticate and lose changes - could there not be a message prior to the session expiring giving the option to extend the session?



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Hi Carl,

Its perfectly fine to increase the timeout, doing so will have no adverse effects on performance.  Our session management is entirely stateless scheme, each and every API request made to our application servers does a session recovery which takes microseconds.  Each open session consumes about 4Kb or memory which in the general scheme of things is very little indeed.  I would simply increase the timeout to 30 or 60 minutes. 


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