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Uploading an image requires text before allowing update


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When a customer is within a ticket and they wish to upload an image, they will need to add text. Otherwise the 'Update' button is greyed out

Reproducible steps

Log into customer portal > Go into a ticket > In update tab - Upload Image > 'Update' is greyed out, unless you add some text.

image.png.8cefea7485f544b790754ebd2f7eb0f0.pngimage.png.4e5a2967fc21184e63a7943f19f78306.png image.png.6f2a3814e0ca4cab4328421c2f047cb6.png

I'm not sure if this is by design, but it could confuse customers when they try to upload an image and not realise that they than need to add text for the 'Update' button to be active

kind regards,


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Hi @mojahidm

Having to provide some text with the uploading of the image is the intended behaviour.  This is to encourage providing some context to the image that is being uploaded.  In most cases where a field is mandatory there is usually an obvious mandatory marker to indicate that it must be populated to continue.  I'll review this on the customer portal.  From what I have seen, this will be catered for with some of the new UI design which you are most likely starting to noticed already being applied in many areas of Hornbill.  You will begin to see a much more consistent approach for mandatory information.



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