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Viewing Archived Co-Worker


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It doesn't appear to be possible to view a co-worker once they have been archived (if it is can someone advise how?).

We need to be able to view a leavers (archived user) assets and previous calls.  Can a way to do this be implemented if its not possible?



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You will still be able to locate and view archived users requests via the request list using a view and in 'All Assests' you would need to use the filter, as there is no 'View' setup facility in the latter.

The Co-Worker search will only currently return Active and Suspended users.

I think it would be a good idea to have a drop down on the Co-Worker search to be able to include/search Archived users as you state.



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Hi @clampj, @Martyn Houghton ,

I can see that there is no problem from the platform perspective, we can add a filter to show the Archived Users in the Co-Workers view. That way you can access the profile and see some of the remaining information.

All this of course as long as the user hasn't been completely deleted.

I'll add a change request for this.


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