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Struggling to add AD group members to Organisations in Hornbill

Guest Paul Alexander

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Guest Paul Alexander


I'm using the LDAP Import tool and trying to add members of an AD group in to a Hornbill 'General' Organisation.

I've called this Organisation 'CRM Subscribers' and I'm trying to add all the users in the AD group (shown) below into this Organisation. But, when I run it I get a message saying 'Error LDAP Search - No Users Found'

There are definitely users in this group in AD, so does anyone have any idea where I'm going wrong please? 


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Hi @Paul Alexander,

In the DSN field, take out the CN bit and try again. Basically when you specify the CN this is the lowest point of the hierarchy which usually points to a User or Asset record.

The lowest level of the DSN should be an OU, so you are in a sense searching for everything in this OU and any Sub-OU's (according to your scope).


This is an example from one of my LDAP_Import configs:

OU=Users,OU=Users & Desktops,OU=####,DC=########,DC=gov,DC=uk


Another bit of advice that I found was in the filter, use the following:



This will guarantee only "person" users are being pulled in. But you may have a reason as to why you might not use the above filter.

Hope this helps in some way,


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Guest Paul Alexander

Hi @samwoo

Thanks for your ideas.....I've now tried changing to the OU rather than the CN and tried again, and got the same error. I also tried changing the objectClass bit too, and got the same error.

I did then try changing the objectClass to 'group' and have had two group names added as members in hornbill (the two nested groups in AD). So it's definitely looking in the right place, just not picking up the right objects! 



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