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Reassign Ticket If on-hold

Logan Graham

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Hi Guys,

Hoping you can help me, I am looking at changing some features of how our helpdesk works and one of them is to be able to reassign a ticket if it is on-hold. I seem to be able to get the option when a ticket is in progress but when it comes it being on-hold it is not there/does not work.

I have been into the config console within hornbill and ticked the box for on-hold settings for assign but I still do not get it for on-hold tickets. I did the same for emailing and it works. 

I have attached some screenshots to hopefully show it better.


Logan G



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Hi @Logan Graham

The On-Hold Settings set here, including the assign option seem to be respected if you open a request which is on-hold and you want to have the option to re-assign, whilst on hold.


This is an example of a request on-hold but with the assign option available, respecting the system settings i have configured above. 


It does look like this is not possible via the request list and multi-select actions.  

I will raise this and see what the issue is, in the meantime if you open the request you can perform the actions you have specified as being available whilst a request is on-hold



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