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Contacts from one Organisation show up in the Portal Access list for another un-related Organisation

Stuart Riddell

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Since we started going forward with our implementation, we've had issues with Contacts not being able to see their supported Services.  It appeared random because it doesn't happen for all Organisations. To resolve this, we've removed them from their Organisation and re-added them.   At this point, their services appear on the Customer portal.


We've subsequently tied it down to the Organisations & Contacts that were bulk imported when our instance was set up.  The ones manually added before or after the bulk import are fine but the ones bulk imported do not tie up.

For confidentially reasons, we can't post screen shots of the affected Contact/Organisations but we can give specific examples to Hornbill Support outside of this post.


To check it:

1. Pick a bulk imported Organisation.

2. Expand the Requests section and click on Portal Access.

3. This shows the list of Contacts, with their emails addresses, who have Portal Access for that Organisation.  The only saving grace in all of this is that if the invalid Contact is granted access, it does not show the requests of the Organisation.





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