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Change Management Database Direct Queries


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Morning all,


Can someone tell me how easy it is to create a query to pull back all change requests in a select date range but also to show the date they have been scheduled for?

I cannot easily do/find this?




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@Awalker i am not sure if you are looking to do this in the reports in the admin console or a widget etc in advanced analytics.

If you are using the reports, if you create a report using the Change Request entity, then you will have the scheduled dates columns available to select to include in your report content




For the date range,  you can use any of the date fields to evaluate against, i have shown Date Logged below, and you can use the user prompt option to prompt the user for the date range each time they run the report, or you could use the Against custom Criteria options as shown below where you can choose a date range for the report to use each time it is run


Hope that helps


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