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Exporting Summary and Details

Daniel Nespoli

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Hi all,

Is there a way to export a list of tickets containing both the Summary (which I know you can select) a long with the Details section into a CSV?

I'd like to pull off a report of last months tickets but only showcasing the Summary (Title) and the Details section.

I've pulled off reports in the past but I've noticed 'Details' isn't an available field . .

Thanks a lot,

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@Daniel Nespoli 

20 minutes ago, Daniel Nespoli said:

I've noticed 'Details' isn't an available field

It won't be a "field" on its own as the request details is comprised of various information: summary, description, source, external reference and your own custom fields if you have any... all these are stored in their own fields in a request.... so it really depends what you have in the details section of the request...

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Hi @Daniel Nespoli

If it is the Description that you are looking for you can used the export feature directly from the request list.  Start by creating a View or use the advanced search to list the requests that you want to export.  Click on the Export button and then select the fields that you want to include.




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