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Linked requests in BPM

Michael Risby

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Hello All,

I have come across an issue iv not been able to resolve myself, i need to link a Service request to a change in the BPM depending on the answers given in the progressive capture.

The scenario is for standard change, a user will log a service request and select one of the approved standard changes from a drop down list, this should then link the SR to the approved change request.

However i am unable to find a way to link the requests in the BPM, hopefully im just not seeing something but any help or advice is appreciated.


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Hi @Michael Risby I think i understand what you are looking to do, just let me check.

When a user raises a SR, depending on the answer to a question (approved standard changes) - you want an option in the BPM to automate the raising of a NEW change, and the auto-linking of the originating SR to that NEW change?

If that is the case i can comment on the following:

1. There is not currently an option to automate the raising of a NEW change from the BPM (currently), however there is an existing BPM Log Request option which allows for the logging of new Incidents and SR - and we have just finished the work on extending these options to cover Changes, Problems, Releases which will be available in a Service Manager update in the coming weeks, so keep a look out for the release notes as i hope this will provide you with what you need.


If you Log a new request from this BPM option, it will automatically link it to the originating request. 

2. Another option could be to allow the users to raise the approved change requests directly?  what i mean by this is the ability to define a catalog item for each standard change option under a service and users can raise them directly from the service portal? if you haven't already you can enable the ability for changes to be raised from self service using the following system setting in the admin console > Service Manager > System Settings


And then configure your catalog items in a service under Request Configuration > Change 


Each catalog item can have it's own progressive capture questions and fulfilment business process

Hope this helps



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