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Hello Support,

I know that this is a manual process by clicking on the Button. But should it be able to do for any project member? I would prefer if only the Project Manager can continue the Business Process and not a Project member.

best regards


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@Nikolaj thanks for your post.

With regard to having a business process running against a project - at the start (launch of the app) we definitely wanted to have this ability. It has always been in our plans to expand the use of the business process engine inside Project Manager and to offer more automated options. Your request falls inside this functionality.

I completely agree that it would be beneficial for only the PM to be able to move the Business Process forward. We designed it to be open at the start as it is always easier to lock it down than to expand its use later on. An area that we have been looking at for some time is the introduction of project specific settings. I would see this being one of those settings where the pm controls whether or not just anyone can continue the business process on a per project basis. Hopefully we will start to see this functionality make its way into the app in the not too distant future.



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