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Icons/graphics on Portal fields?

Guest Paul Alexander

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Guest Paul Alexander


I'm sure that, at the Insights event, part of the demonstration showed the Portal, along with icons/images alongside some of the questions. 

So, for instance, alongside an information field, we'd like to put a red exclamation icon just to show that this is important. (Excuse my very dodgy graphics in the attachment!)



Is that do-able at the moment? Or is that something which might be added at a later date? 


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@Paul Alexander it is doable now with wiki markup in the fields on the custom form - so in the label field you can include wiki markup - i use the description field and show icons and text etc.

This will appear inline with the other boxes rather than to the right of the text, but here is an example below:


And the wiki markup for this is in the description field of a label on a custom form 

[[file:https://media.industrialinfo.com/icons/info.png|20px]] If the issue is resolved, on choosing '''Next''' we will record this as a self fixed issue and no further action is required.

More info on using wiki markup is available on the wiki:


Hope that helps 


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Guest Paul Alexander

@Steven Boardman...thanks for that. Dunno what I was thinking....I use the wiki markup stuff for loads of things on our Portal, but I obviously had a mental block for this particular idea!


Thanks again....

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