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Need advice - SDI or itSMF

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I was a member of SDI a few years ago and the resources available to members were very good and the conferences second to none. Sadly we never got to run for SDI certification but the process looks well thought out and very in depth. 

Having (perhaps embarrassingly) never heard of itSMF I cannot offer any experienced opinion on them. I would be interested to see a small snapshot of their member companies (much like SDI advertise) and see the scale of their members. 

Just looking at the itSMF UK forum (non member view so maybe the member forum is different, but feels doubtful) the latest posts are from March this year, with 58 topics, posted over three subforums, in 149 posts and quite a lot of those posts being created in 2016 or older (only six posts from this year total). Latest news posted on the site is from 01/06 this year with there being only one other post dated 2018. The General Discussions forum here has more content posted.

Overall the SDI site feels a lot more professional and polished. The itSMF site looks a little forgotten with nothing really to draw you into wanting to pay for membership. The cost is a lot cheaper than SDI membership but I get the feeling that 'you get what you pay for' holds true here. 

Whichever membership you go for let us know how you get on. 


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@Keith I've worked extensively with these organisations and both have their merits.  itSMF have more of a focus on the process side of things, with some great special interest groups covering Service Transition, Service Level Management etc. SDI has more of a people focus and although they cover ITSM process topics, they're more about enabling people and exposing them to broader service management skills.  I hope that helps, and if you want to chat about it further, let me know.

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