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Attachments Missing - New Linked Request

Daniel Nespoli

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Afternoon all,

Just a quick one, we've noticed when creating new linked requests to go to another department/team that the attachments do not follow through and apply to the new ticket.

The issue has arisen from a user who does not have permission to view the original ticket (intended that way as it's not his team) and therefore is unable to view the attachments.

Is this the norm?


Cheers all,


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Hi @Daniel Nespoli when creating newly linked requests, attachments do not copy across from the originator, which is the same for other attributes such as assets, connections, members etc. 

There are options for passing information from one request to another via business process options like update linked requests, or automating the creation of a newly linked request and injecting variables from the originating request into the summary / details of the newly created request, but this does not extend to the copying of attachments i am afraid. 

We have a story which will allow more attributes from one request to another when raising linked requests.  Once this story is scheduled we will post back here


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@Steven Boardman, @Daniel Nespoli

This is something we would like as well, i.e. in the progressive capture 'Add Attachments'  node subject to a setting, all existing attachments with their description are pre-populated and you have the option to remove any unnecessary attachments prior to completing the PC. This will save having to remove them individually from the request once it has been created.



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