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Support portal not working on IE

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One of our users is unable to select their tickets through internet explorer.

When they log in and go to my requests and select a ticket, the ticket is highlighted orange but does not open. They can access the support portal through Chrome. It is specific to one user, they have tried on a different computer using internet explorer - and the problem still occurs.

I have tried clearing cookies, cache, allowing pop-ups on internet explorer and this is still now working.

Any advice?

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Guest NadeemMazhar

Hi @FernK

What version of Internet Explorer is being used? We currently support the following browsers:

  • Microsoft Edge
  • Internet explorer – Version 11
  • Chrome - All versions but the latest is preferred
  • Firefox - All versions but the latest is preferred
  • Safari - Version 6.1.5 or above

Kind regards


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@FernK if we could confirm the IE version and if it IE11+ then we can see if there is an issue and look to address it, however if it is earlier than IE11 then unfortunately these versions are not supported and haven't been as we require the browsers to support HTML5. 


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