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Change Calendar edit and viewing from request


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Is it possible to view/ access change calendar from the request ?

Ideally, we want when someone is scheduling a change (by clicking the calendar button on the action buttons on the top of a request) , to be able to open the change calendar, and add the change on it, rather than selecting date. This will help for visibility of other changes which are already schedulled.

Also, we would like to be able to edit the calendar by adding planned maintenance schedule, and change freeze dates. These are pre-agreed with the business 6 month in advance so they don't need a request, but need to be added to the change calendar.





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@Joyce we have a story to enable adding of change freeze periods on the change calendar and for any change conflicts against these change freeze periods to be presented to the user on the request, when they attempt to schedule their change during these periods. 

This is a story which which is not currently in our 90 day development window, but it should be shortly. 

Once we have confirmation on it's promotion to being scheduled we will post back here. 

In the meantime i have added you as an interested party to the story


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A new feature has been made available which will allow you to block out days within the Change Calendar as Freeze Periods.


A user with the appropriate rights can add to the Freeze Periods.  Once a Freeze period has been set, this can be applied to BPM Operations that automatically raise changes, and to the Scheduling Action on a request where it will prevent users from scheduling during a Freeze Period.

For more information please see our documentation here.



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