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Feature Requests - "Groups" / "Sub-lanes"; Colour Pickers


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Hello wonderful people,

Starting to flesh out using the boards manager app and had the following thoughts.

Could we have the ability to group certain objects together within a lane?

Second on wishlist would be the option for these groups to become a "sublane" which you can then choose to inject a task into when adding to boards. 

Third on wishlist is to make the cards more aesthetically customisable, can we have an advanced option with colour picker for foreground, background and text please. And finally the ability to change the colour of the lanes themselves. 

Really liking the app so far!


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Thanks for your feedback, we have a couple of options to help you group cards in a lane.

Firstly you can add separators to your lanes, separators allow you to split a lane up horizontally, for example in the screenshot below I have two separators in the in-progress lane allowing me to group cards by High and Low Priority.  To add separators to click on the add button and select separator as the type.

Secondly you can create Lanes with sub-lanes, to do this - click on the design board button and then click config lane for the lane you wish to add sub-lanes too, in the config lane form you will have the option to specify the width of the lane, by increasing this you will add sub-lanes to the lane.  You can then tick the  Add Sub-headings for each column checkbox and you will be able to give your sub-lanes titles.  Currently, you can't specify what sub-lane to use when adding tasks so have to move them manually but this option should be available soon.

Regarding the customisation: we have the option to set the background colour of cards only - however, cards support wiki markup which allows you to set the colour of the text being used.  See the Text Formatting section of the following page for information how to do this 


We don't have any customisation options for lanes yet, currently, Lane colour is used to indicate whether a Lane is at or has gone over it limits of how many cards it's allowed.  This is set in the lane config dialogue and the lane will go amber if it's at its limit and red if its over.

Hope this is helpful



Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 16.33.26.png

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Thank you for that information @trevorharris really useful. 

Could we have the ability to resize (a  la win 8/10 start menu tiles) and/or collapse cards at some point; when a lot of cards are added to a lane the visibility is really impacted...

And on the thought of lots of cards, could we have the option to keep the lane headings visible when scrolling down (a la Excel, freeze top row)?



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