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Good afternoon all,

As a rule we do not assign requests/incidents to individuals in our system. However, we have a small team of account managers who work independently of each other (different parts of the building).

For these managers we assign requests/incidents to them directly.

For anyone else who does something similar in Service Manager how do you deal with leave/absence for these people?

We had an issue where a job was assigned of a time sensitive nature, but the manager in question was on leave for a week.

The Desk didn't get an ooh email as the servicedesk account had already been sent one on another matter (and google only sends 1 notification).

We're going to maintain an in/out whiteboard for them, but seems a bit old-school.

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You can set accounts to "out of Office" or "On Holiday" which shows up during the assignment of calls.


Ignore the awful covering of names.

this allows for you to know when someone is away.


This is obviously all dependent on the users staying on top of their status.



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