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Progressive Capture - Dynamic list/selections from web services

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Following on from @Patrick Bolger presentation about Digital Transformation at the Insight event, it got me thinking about what other business processes that could be automated through the Hornbill Platform.

As well as the back end customer iBridge environment  that we raised in the QA with @Gerry , the other thing that came up as a barrier was the ability for the progressive capture to provide selection of values/parameter from lists maintained in third party system, which then need to be selected in order then ensure the parameters passed in the BPM automation are valid and complete.

If there could be a PC node which could have the option to allow the querying of a web service to populate a list, for example property, username, street etc which the end user has to select from. This would enable the PC forms to capture appropriate information and also retrieve additional attributes from the selected entry for use in both the PC and BPM processes.

This combined with the customisable iBrigde would make a powerful platform for automation and enable more usage in the contact/CRM arena as well.




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+1 I can see benefit in this query. Seems like there needs to be some form of advance Simple Lists that can pull values from external sources. Or as you say have a node for it.

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