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Printing BPM Process Description

Paul Alexander

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Is there a way to print the BPM Process Description field when printing out a BPM diagram? I'd like to start using these printouts to show the business managers exactly how a BPM process works, and having a description along with the diagram would go a long way to help with letting people know exactly what's what in the BPM (I'm thinking of adding notes to the description to help remember which custom fields etc are being used)





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@Paul Alexander

The only problem I can foresee with trying to do this is, we print out whats on the canvas so depending on the layout we would have to try and work out where there is blank space to render the text during print - this I don't think would be workable in any sensible way.   What might work is having an option on the canvas to place note objects, you could then annotate your process diagram and deal with text description placement as part of the BPM layout/design. 

Does that make sense?


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