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Actions on Multiple Requests? - Any Further Development?

Josh Bridgens

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Hi Guys, my team are finding the multiple request actions extremely useful, however we find ourselves wanting the ability to bulk change the customer, sometimes bulk do tasks etc.


I understand that different requests will be at different tasks so that one would probably be near impossible to implement, however could it be looked into for us to bulk change the customer?


If you need an example of why this would be useful I am happy to provide :)



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OK so Im adding an example anyway AFTER we have changed the customer.



All of these calls were logged one after an other by the same person,


Unfortunately they are automatically logged from emails sent from an email address called "ICT Sharepoint" (Don't even go there I've lost that battle once already)


Now I know what your thinking, "why not just have the process do it and change it automatically?"

That sounds amazing, unfortunately there are 45 different business units which can have up to 4 different "Super Users" who can request these changes.

Therefore making any automated process null and void because it would require ~140 different processes to cover all bases.

Hornbill unfortunately does not have the option to pull data from emails, making it EVEN MORE difficult.


I'm just trying to make the Desks lives easier, any thoughts guys? 

Please? :D 

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@Josh Bridgens we continue to expand the multi-select options (adding cancel in the last Service Manager update)

We have the story / requirement to change the customer on multiple requests, and i have added you as an interested party, hopefully it won't be to long before this is available to you.

We'll post back here once we have a firmer idea of timeframes


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20 minutes ago, Steven Boardman said:

We'll post back here once we have a firmer idea of timeframes

Brilliant, Thank you very much.

Just a quick one, is the ability to send out multiple update emails in the pipeline?

A few of the Desk over here have requested this. I have tried to force the "Impacted, interested" however they have found that that works with problems, not "High impact" Incidents.


Once again, thanks for the update. :) 

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