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Product ID in Asset Management

Guest Paul Alexander

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Guest Paul Alexander


We have just started entering some software in the Asset list, and it looks like the ProductID field is showing the wrong info.

We've added a productID to a specific piece of software under Financial Info:



However, in the Asset List, this field is showing something different (although searching for the Product ID DOES show the correct item:



Any ideas why this is please? I've tried looking through all the available fields and this info isn't showing in any of them






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Hi @Paul Alexander

The data in the asset records is stored correctly. This is just a display issue with the product id value on the asset list. It is displaying the ID of the Software->Product, instead of displaying the Financial->Product ID field. This only affects assets of Software type.productid.png

We will look into providing a fix, but just letting you know that any information entered is correct.


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