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Email Templates all missing


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Since this morning all of my email templates have vanished?

Is it something to do with the drop down menus? I have looked under all of them and cannot find them...



This is a bit of a pain because i am trying to link some and create a new one for a new BPM before i go on AL tomorrow, is anyone else experiancing this issue?


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@Victor is there a setting to make this the default? 

I have a feeling that people who can create templates will just stick them in the current default (don't know if that will be an issue) 

Also its a bit of a pain having to change it every time. 

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Quote: "I am working on some usability improvements on this area now and I'll get something pushed out ASAP, Apologies I had no envisioned this area was so heavily used but we will get something changed to improve the experience as soon as possible."

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