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Re-Index Knowledge Centre - Error

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Hi @Martyn Houghton,

Apologies for the ambiguous description against those settings, but it's actually the HornbillITSM index that requires reindexing for the Knowledge Centre to function correctly,  not the Knowledgebase index. Please select "All" when running this reindex, as each index document needs to include new columns, so a "New" reindex won't cut it. Also, please ensure that a Page Size of 10 is selected when you run this reindex.

While I was looking at this issue, I also noticed that the reindex of your HornbillITSMTimeline index was cut short due to a platform update starting during the job. So once the reindex of HornbillITSM is complete, please start another reindex of the HornbillITSMTimeline, ensuring you select "New" (as you don't want to re-index everything that's already been done :) ), and keep a Page Size of 10. And once this is complete, all your request timeline posts and comments will then be searchable in the Global Search :)

Let me know if you have any issues with the above.



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