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Unable to Activate Progressive Capture with Warnings

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We currently have a functioning and working Progressive capture which has warnings in it because we use a common formID in a number of Custom Forms to capture the customer priority. We use branch nodes to select the appropriate one ( and only one) that is used in the flow thorough the process.

We use a common formID, so the BPM can pick up the question value, without having to put multiple branches in the the BPM as well to identify the appropriate value to set the priority too.

We do not use the standard priority drop down as there is no linkage or filtering between priorities and Services/SLA/Customer, as the list would be too long and contain values which are not applicable to the Service/Customer.

This has worked okay since we went live over 2 years ago, but now I am no longer able to amend the progressive capture and make it active. When attempting to make it active it just advises there are warnings and does not activate the PC.

Is there a setting to configure to allow us to activate a PC with warnings or is this a bug introduced by the newest builds?



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