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Filtering CI subscribers

Dan Munns

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Hi all,

I have a service which is set for all users but I need to add a single CI which will only be viewable by 2 users. I obviously don't want to create a whole new service for the one CI that fits into an existing service (Finance).

However, if I add the two users asa subscribers to the service everyone else gets filtered out (expected) and there is no way I can see, other than adding all users individually, to add the rest of the business to the other CIs. I tried adding the business as a subscriber but that didn't work. Any ideas? 

If this isn't possible can we have an 'all users' item added for subscribers for situations like this one? 

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I am strugeling with this also, since the ability to include/exclude is explicitly linked to the users subscribed to the parent service. For me, subscription should be at a catalog item and if a user is subscribed to the CI it exposes the service to them.





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