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We have made some big changes with the structure of teams within Hornbill but in the process users have now lost the ability to search for calls outside of their immediate teams.

Teams now only have their respective staff assigned to them instead of assigning all users and using  Home > Hornbill Service Manager > Configuration > Service Desk to limit who can have calls assigned to them.

None of our services have any supporting teams and this in the past has given us access for all full users to be able to create views of any calls in any teams.


Is this possible, have I missed something, how do others get around this

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@Kelvin by having no '''supporting teams''' defined against your services, this should actually mean that all teams support the service and as such you should be able to search for requests raised against those services.

Could you clarify if it is one or multiple places you are not able to find requests?

* Global Search

* Advanced Search on the request list


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@Kelvin - I have asked some clarification in this area form our dev team but as far as I understand, when using advances search teh results are limited to requests assigned to teams that the user is a member of... so if the user is part of Team A but not Team B, when using advanced search which do not explicitly have a team or service criterion, then the results will only include requests assigned to Team A.

May I ask you to try something... when using advanced search, besides the criteria you (usually or need to) use, can you add one more criterion, something like "Service IS NOT <service>"... For <service> use a service that you don't usually have any requests for, like a test service... do this and let me know if how it looks with the results returned...

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If my understanding of @Kelvin's setup is correct, we are in a similar situation: we never use "Supporting teams" on our services, and therefore everybody can see everything by default.

When using the search feature in the request list (advanced search and custom views) however, some sort of "security" applies (like @Victor) mentioned. Indeed, if the filter "team" is not specified in the query then only requests assigned to the teams I belong to will be displayed.

The workaround is to add a filter on "team" and add ALL teams. Then you will see everything as per your filters.

So practical example:

Custom view / search filters are set to:


I do not belong to any of the teams who have requests under these services => Returns 0 requests.

If I had ALL the teams setup in the system:


then I get the records back.

Hope this helps?

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22 minutes ago, Victor said:

an alternative to having this huge criteria would be to use IS NOT instead of IS...


That is true :P It depends on your setup and how you use team assignments I guess. In my case, I cannot use the IS NOT as a request can technically be assigned to any team (and I don't trust humans)


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@VictorSo I have used my test account "Kelvin" which belongs to the "TestEnvironment" organisation.

I have carried out an advanced search and added a "service" "is not" "User Security" and it only displays 4 requests, I would expect to see 70k+

I know you looked at this before and resolved it by removing a service that still had deleted teams assigned to them. Although we have made some changes to the members of teams I have not added or removed any teams.

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44 minutes ago, Kelvin said:

1 question would be if I have to specify a team why does "team" "=" "list of all teams" work but "team" "!=" "1 team" not return any requests.

@dwalby because of your setup (probably very similar to mine), securities still apply. Unless you list all the teams, the system will automatically filter on the teams you belong to, then apply the "team != XYZ" to your sub set (or the other way around). But if you specify all teams, then you effectively override the securities. That's my understanding of the system anyway.

@Victor can probably confirm. After all, I am just a host :P


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  • 3 weeks later...

I appreciate this is a little old now, but was this ever concluded?

When creating views for all changes, or all Problem/KE records we're stuck having to enumerate all teams, this is somewhat onerous as we have 30 teams.

Seems like even just having a wildcard option or "All Teams" option would probably suffice as a workaround.

The idea that you're completing what amounts to a search query, but the result set is limited based on an invisible criteria seems a little off to me. If people wanted their search results to be limited to their teams it would be easy to add them, much harder to add ALL teams when you don't.


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