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FAQs Not Appearing When Selecting Service Desk

Max Williams

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When publishing FAQs and selecting the Service Desk for who it is published to, they will not appear during our ticket logging process. However, when selecting 'Both' they will appear when we start to type a description and summary for the ticket. 

Is this something you are aware of any do you know why this would be the case?

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Hi Max,

Thanks for your post.  I believe that you are referring to the knowledge being presented during progressive capture?  The description and summary form in progressive capture plays an important part in presenting the FAQs.  The FAQs will typically not show until there is some information provided by some of the different progressive capture forms,  We will match the provided text to return FAQs that may related to the issue or question that a user has.  



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@Max Williams just to add to @James Ainsworth comments the Knowledge Centre is trigged and will appear based on one of the following in progressive capture:

* Use of the request details standard form (summary / description)

* If a custom progressive capture form is used and a text field is mapped to the h_summary field

After this the results will be further filtered as Services, Categories, Sites etc are selected.


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