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Request Source Types - Phone, IM/Chat

Martyn Houghton

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At the moment there is Source Type (h_source_type) field which has the options below.

Analyst, Email, Guest, Access, Self Service, Request

We would like to have the ability to breakdown the Analyst one a bit further as at the moment this could relate to a number of different source, i.e. Phone, IM/Chat, WalkIn etc.

Could these additional types be added and a new Progressive Capture Node created to allow the Analyst to override the default of Analyst/Request to one of these additional types. Like other progressive capture nodes (customer search), this could auto completed when being logged on the portal.



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@Victor I obviously cannot talk on behalf of @Martyn Houghton but I can already lots of downside to using custom forms and fields... Reporting, custom views, filters, etc... would not work as we would be forced to use a custom database field to store this information. And duplicate the already existing values too.

I personally don't need this, but I can totally understand where Martyn is coming from. If added, it would need to be done alongside the existing values (somehow).

No need to hit me, I am doing it for you :P


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There is a BPM option for updating the source of the requests.  If the source was able to be captured as a progressive capture form, I would think that you could update the request in the BPM to use that source.


The only challenge here is that you are unable to manually change this within the request if it was not correctly set in progressive capture.


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@James Ainsworth, @Victor

The problem as @Lyonel indicates that you cannot set custom forms to auto complete if being logged, so would have to add in branches into the progressive capture based on the source being Analyst to display a customer form with the alternate options.

Also with overriding the Source value to be one which is not recognised as a standard value in the schema, could lead to issues latter down the line as you would not be testing the application with these values.

Hence the request have it as a enhancement to add the additional types to the schema and also the standard PC node.



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