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Problem setting up Shared Mailbox

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We're trying to set up a new mailbox but can't get service manager to connect to it.  The mailbox is set up in Office365 as a shared mailbox, but when I try to add it in service manager it gives an error when I try to test the connection.  For the username I've got the email address of the mailbox.  For the password I've put the password of a service account that has full access to the mailbox (the mailbox itself doesn't have a password as it's a shared mailbox). 


From the error it looks like an authentication issue.  I'm pretty sure this is how we've added mailboxes previously but I can't get this one to work.  Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?



Email error 1.jpg

Email Error 2.jpg

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Dear Ricky. 

Over the last few days we have noticed a number of issues with logging into Office365. Mostly this is intermittent and Microsoft report the following. If you are sure that the credentials are correct  and IMAP login has been permitted for the given user in Office365 then the below is most likely the root cause and if so contacting Microsoft is the best course of action.  

Kind Regards

Keith Stevenson


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Thanks.  I'm not entirely sure I'm using the right credentials though.  What I'm really asking is if I'm setting this up the right way.  i.e. should I have the username as the email address of the mailbox, and the password as the password of a service account with full access to the mailbox?  If that is right then how does it know which account I've given a password for?

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Actually ignore all this, it was just me being an idiot :)

I was thinking that shared mailboxes don't have their own password for some reason.  Turns out they do and that was the password I needed to use.  Stupid mistake on my part.

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