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Ordering of Services

Darren Rose

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Us too, particularly as we have to subscribe almost all of our services to every user, in order that they can view their 'tickets' in the service portal. This includes most where they will not have the right to raise a 'ticket' vi the service portal.

Currently we're prefixing those we need to be first with a · but this does mean it orders these services in the user app as well, which is annoying.

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36 minutes ago, Lyonel said:

@HHH Ordering of catalogue items already in place. Just drag and drop them to re-order.

Not completely since they are grouped by type. It would be nice to have the most popular on top regardless of type.

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Hi @davidrb84,

This change is still in the planning stage and has not been added to the 90 Day development board yet although I believe this will make it to the queue sooner rather than later due to the number of people who have requested it. We will let you know as soon as this progresses any further.



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There are discussions above about the ordering of Service and the ordering of Request Catalog Items.  For this topic I'll stick with the original topic about the ordering of the services.

There is a mentioned workaround above where an * is being put in front of services that they want at the top. But I would be interested to have some suggestions on the ordering that you would like to see.

When considering the order, there are a few things to keep in mind

  • Not every service will be seen by the user as it will depend on subscriptions
  • Some order options may result in the list changing, such as "Most Subscribed" or "Most Used" which could be challenging for end users if they become familiar to service being in a certain spot.
  • In the Service Portfolio there are visibility restrictions available so that IT may not be able to see HR services.  If you can't see a service, you can't incorporate it into an order.
  • The Employee Portal allows for service to be published from multiple service domains.  Which domain's services would come first.

On the Employee Portal you do already have some controls within the Services widget.  For example, you could have multiple Service Widgets on the page.  At the top you could have the primary widgets displayed by using a combination of Domain and Category filters. Maybe a category called "Priority Services"  Then in the second Services Widget, display all the Services or services based under another category.  I think that there may be a few workable solutions already there.




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