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More option button doesn't work with Firefox

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I actually have the same issue on IE and Chrome too. I think it is related to the "click" event not being fired or captured immediately. I noticed that if you click twice, then it sometimes shows up. Either a conflict with other objects or just a known issue of the UI framework? (I have a very similar problem with Bootstrap and "dropdown" controls => first click focuses on the control, second click triggers the action => very annoying!)

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We have seen a similar issue on IE & Firefox where users could not see the View Email option in the more section.

This seems to work fine for me on Chrome though and so have advised my users to use Chrome (my chosen browser).




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I have an issue with the pop out boxes on bookmarks etc when the pop out doesn't show unless i hover, press the right arrow key to scroll the browser window and then select the item I want. This is obviously a bit of a pain. (The dark grey section on the first shot is Outlook on my second monitor). This is in Chrome (latest version)



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