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User Assignment Quirks


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Still playing around and need to try in  different browsers but in Chrome the following happens: 

Works as expected for a created card, drag on to assign and drag back to user icon on top bar will remove the assignment. 

For normal activities and activities linked to requests it will assign the the user but cannot seem to remove the assignment. 

Appears bugged for project manager tasks - icon gets stuck not assigned and will remain on screen if I then navigate to a different section of Hornbill.

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Hi @TSheward_SGW

An activities is always assigned to either a user, group, or role (by default the activities is assigned to the owner)- so once a user is assigned on the board it is only possible to replace the user with another user, they can't be removed as we would not know where to reassign the activity so this action is disallowed.  It's possible we could have a default role/group on the board and removing the user could assign the activity to the default role?

I will check with the Project Manager team to see what the problem with assignments could be there



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