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Hello Support,

will it be possible in the future to get an email notification? for example:

- by adding a new Project -> email to the portfolio manager

- assign a task -> email to the assignee

- milestone and task completed -> email to the Project Leader

- new post -> email to all project members

- adding a new stakeholder -> email to the stakeholder 

and it would be very nice if we can modify the text for the email.

Best regards



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Hi Alex,

I thought I'd tag onto this existing requirement post rather than create a new topic.

As we Hornbill Project Manager more and more the requirement for email notifications, particularly with task assignment, is being asked for more often. Appreciate a task is shown for the assigned user while within Hornbill but for users who only occasionally login to Hornbill they will more than likely miss a task and a manual follow up email will be required.

Give me a shout if you want to go through this in more detail.



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