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Following on from this: @samwoo's topic which is related to the issue that I'm going to explain below.

We have an issue at the moment with the 2 Stage Closure node in Business Process and we are not sure why or what is the problem. When the request ticket is resolved, it would wait for 5 days before it automatically close the ticket if the customer did not reopen. However last day of resolved is on 18th June therefore it should close on either 23rd June or 25th June.

I checked today and it did not close, I even went into request BPM ID to checked and edited the process from 5 days to 3 minutes to test whether it would close the ticket but nothing happened. There is no error or anything but it seems to be stuck on the node. (Please see below)



Hopefully I would get answers from you guys to solve this.

Kind regards,

Aaron Summers :)

P.S. Just to confirmed it not a single ticket issue as we think it MAY affected all BPM after the changes we made on the 15th June.

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@Aaron Summers the 5 days you have there... this period is calendar time and it equates to working time as follows: 5 days * 24 hrs = 120 hrs. Then 120 hrs / 8 working hrs per day = 15 working days. (assuming 8 hours/day as working hours). So the request will actually close in 15 working days.


When you changed the time to 3 min, the changes are not in place as the process will also need a “restart”... currently it is still set to 15 working days...

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