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Report to show number of times assigned


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Hi All,

Wondered if anyone has created a reported to show the number of times a request has been assigned/reassigned?

It looks like this should be possible via table h_itsm_request_team_assignment but am not sure how to best utilise the data to count number of assignments. 




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See attached: monitoring---reassignment.report.txt

@Keith if you cannot import the definition attached, here are some screenshots.




You can of course add the h_itsm_requests table and join on Request ID should you want more details (e.g. Service Name, Catalog, Date logged, etc.) Of course, feel free to change a few filters and stuff :) But be careful when adding more columns, they will screw up your report. Only 1 field from the assignment table should be returned by the report.

Let me know if you need more help ;)

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@Victor / @Lyonel 

Many thanks for your help here. However, I am struggling with what is being reported.

e.g. I have a request which reports 2 assignments.

If I look at the request timeline I see only 1 assignment



If I look at the table I see 2



I don't quite get why there is a difference in whats reported in the timeline.





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@Keith in my experience, the system will first assign the request to the team (1 line in DB) then to an analyst (another line in DB), even if this action is done at the same time. But yeah there is something funny about assignments and logging.

I personally exclude from my analysis anything with less than 2 records count and focus on the rest (I have some going up to 10!). 

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